Happy to be home?

Hello there everyone,

It’s now been four days since I arrived back in Australia. I can’t say I’m necessarily happy to be back – this was, after all, the final trip to Japan for quite some years. It was a short stay, in only one city, and I wish it could be much longer with extra adventures. But it’ll have to do for now.

It’s always interesting when I come home – I fall back easily into old habits, and once back in Australia, I have to constantly remind myself that I’m actually here. I have to stop myself from grabbing a coat before I head out the door – a jacket in 39°C weather? I don’t think so. I’ve said “arigatou” in thanks on three separate occasions. I’m disappointed when the local convenience store doesn’t have onigiri. Nothing like Family Mart! I stop being able to recognise Australian coins.

And I can’t stop looking at all my photos (a grand total of 2580 snaps for just 11 days).

Soon the photos and stories will be revealed. But there’s an awful lot to go through – so be patient! There’ll be new posts coming, such as an Airbnb review and some fab new tips for getting around Tokyo. For now, I’ll be updating you all with an overall account of Tokyo 2015.

Tokyo 2015

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