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I haven’t been to many places outside of Australia. Going to Japan was the first overseas trip I had, and I spent too much time going back there instead of exploring the world. In the next couple of years, I hope to remedy this and see a fair bit more of this lovely planet we call home.

In June 2013, my partner whisked me away to Vanuatu on a cruise. Unfortunately, I was stuck in our cabin most of the time due to seasickness, so the fun was overshadowed by the nausea. I did get to see some pretty cool places, though they were more geared for tourists and nothing I saw was culturally significant.

I have a list of the other places I want to see, and though it’s pretty cliché (everyone wants to see the Eiffel Tower, don’t they?) it’s still what I want to do. I’ve never had any interest in the USA or some other Western countries.

Shiki Book Travel List

As you can see, my next stop says China. I made this list a little while back, and since then, it’s been decided it’s more likely to be Hong Kong. So, for Chinese New Year in 2018 – which sounds really far away, but isn’t when you’re planning a holiday – I’m planning a two week vacation to Hong Kong with a friend, where we’ll also head into China for a period to see the Great Wall.

After studying Japan for so long, I realized I don’t know the first thing about China or Hong Kong, in history, language, culture or otherwise. And for those who say Japan and China are the same thing, you are quite wrong, despite the two countries having some similarities.

After Hong Kong, England is on the list. England is the place where my father was born, as were both sets of my grandparents. It would be somewhere to travel with my sister and see our heritage, maybe even try to find where our dad grew up. Perhaps we’ll combine England with a small tour of Europe.

Egypt, Italy, France and Ireland just seem like really amazing places, ones that I’d love to visit, not for any significant reason other than “Let’s go!”. In this menu, once I’ve visited these other places (if I ever get the chance to go), I’ll the share the photos. And I might even share photos from my Australian travels, because this country is just so beautiful, you can’t ignore it for long.

My final trip to Japan has been and gone; February 2015. It’s not really my final trip, just the last trip before all this other travel and life stuff kicks in (wedding + kids). I’m a little sad, because even if I weren’t to go to these other countries in the meantime – and we’re talking about taking up the next 10 years here – I still won’t be able to go back to Japan for at least a little while (weddings are expensive!)…

… but Japan is absolutely on the agenda for a family vacation in the future!

“The Wanderlust has got me… by the belly-aching fire.”
― Robert W. Service, Rhymes of a Rolling Stone


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