Tourist Attractions

Most Popular Cities Japan | via Shiki Book Japan

There are numerous attractions around the country that are perfect for all kinds of tourist; adventurer, family fun, thrill seeker, relaxer, honeymooner. Japan is also brimming with culture, and believe me, you don’t want to miss any of it!

Do you like relaxing spas or hot baths to reduce stress? Then I think a perfect place to visit would be the Japanese onsen – a type of natural hot spring, or a resort that has developed around a hot spring. 

Onsen Map | via Shiki Book Japan

Most of Japan is dotted with serene temples and shrines, often only a short distance away from modern theme parks or sky scrapers. I have included only the most popular and well-known attractions, as these will have pre-existing tours available and are easy to get to for a first time traveler. Follow through this menu to find attractions depending in their location.

This menu is still under construction. Please be patient!

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